Description: Arbitrary Function Generator with 1 channel

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series AFG3000
Part Number AFG3021B

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Tektronix AFG3021B Arbitrary Function Generator

The AFG3021B is a 14 bit resolution, 1 Channel Arbitrary Function Generator from the AFG3000 Series by Tektronix. This model offers 128K points record length, 250 MS/s sampling rate, and 1 μHz or 12 digits resolution. The Tektronix AFG3021B can operate with an outstanding accuracy of ±1 ppm ±1 μHz, 0 °C to 50 °C (Arb). This Arbitrary Function Generator offers amplitude modulation with an internal modulating frequency of 2 MHz to 50.00 kHz. The AFG3021B provides fast data download rates. A sample of 4000 points waveform data will take 20 ms for its download through USB interface, 42 ms through GPIB, and 84 ms through LAN. In typical conditions, this instrument requires 20 minutes for its complete warm-up.

For novice and inexperienced users, the AFG3021B has a comprehensive, built-in help feature. The user can always access help by using the Help button provided on the front panel of the Function Generator. To provide information about interconnected topics, <angle brackets> are used with hyperlinks to other subjects. This instrument features multiple languages, including German, Korean, Chinese, and others After the user chooses the desired language, all pop-up messages, bezel menus, and built-in help messages are shown in the specified language.

The Tektronix AFG3021B features a 5.6" monochrome LCD. This instrument can easily be programmed through SCPI commands because it is compatible with IEEE 488-2 and SCPI-1999.0 standards. Over USB, the user can have their function change request processed within 95 ms. The Tektronix AFG3021B consumes less than 120 watts of power and only weighs around 4.5 kg.

SeriesAFG3000B Series
TypeArbitrary Function Generator
Vertical Resolution14 bits
Rise/ Fall Time≤18 ns
Dimensions6.2 in. (H) x 13.0 in. (W) x 6.6 in. (D)
Weight9.9 lbs.
AFG3021B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download