Description: Arbitrary Function Generator with 5.6 in. display

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series AFG3000
Part Number AFG3022

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Tektronix AFG3022 Arbitrary Function Generator

Featured with 2 Channels, 250 MS/s Sampling Rate, and 10 Vp-p Amplitude, the AFG3022 is an Arbitrary Function Generator from Tektronix. This instrument has three functions in one generator. This model is a 25 MHz Function Generator, 12.5 MHz pulse generator, as well as a 14 bits arbitrary waveform generator. The AFG3022 comes with self-calibration and self-test capabilities which can be accessed through utility menu. By default, this Arbitrary Function Generator comes with the English language selected. However, the user can always choose his/her preferred language since this instrument supports various major languages.

 The Tektronix AFG3022 has a detail oriented front panel with multiple, strategically located functional areas. In addition to shortcut buttons, function buttons, and a numeric keypad, the instrument`s trigger input, trigger output, and both channel output connectors are provided on the front panel. For easy transferring of waveform data, a USB port is also available on the front panel just under the display. This display supports a USB memory with FAT32, FAT16, or FAT12 file system.

This Arbitrary Function Generator allows the user to save instrument setups as files. These stored instrument states or setups can easily be recalled from a file in a USB memory or the internal memory. With this model, the user can also capture images of the instrument`s screen and save them to the USB directly. The communication interface enables the user to communicate with their instrument or control it remotely. The Tektronix AFG3022 additionally offers multiple communication interfaces, such as Ethernet, GPIB, and USB.

SeriesAFG3000 Series
TypeArbitrary Function Generator
Vertical Resolution14 bits
Display5.6 in.
Dimensions6.2 in. (H) x 13.0 in. (W) x 6.6 in. (D)
Weight9.9 lbs.
AFG3022 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download