Description: Tektronix CSA7000B Communication Analyzer with waveform math functions

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series CSA7000
Part Number CSA7000B

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Tektronix CSA7000B Communication Signal Analyzer

The Tektronix CSA7000B Communication Signal Analyzer allows the user to test optical signals utilizing the incorporated optical-to-electrical converter and a completely adjusted signal path. Recovered clock and information signals are accessible (optical reference receivers are accessible for selected optical communication measures).

            This model offers many important features:

·         Average, Envelope, and Hi-Res Acquisition: The user can utilize the average acquisition mode to expel uncorrelated noise from a signal, utilize Envelope to catch and display the maximum variation of the signal, and utilize Hi-Res to build vertical resolution for lower data transfer capacity signals.

·         Waveform Math: With this function, the user can set up straightforward math waveforms with the essential number-function capacities or make further developed math waveforms utilizing the math expression editor. Waveform expressions can even contain estimation results and other math waveforms.

·         Spectrum Analysis: The user can display spectral magnitude and phase waveforms in light of their time-domain acquisitions. They can also control the instrument utilizing the customary range analyzer controls, such as span and center recurrence.

·         Color LCD Display: With this function, the user can distinguish and separate waveforms effortlessly. Waveforms, readouts, and sources of input are color matched to expand profitability and lessen working mistakes. This feature also upgrades representation of waveforms with color grading.

·         Digital Phosphor: The instrument can plainly show intensity modulation in the user’s signals. The instrument consequently overlays subsequent acquisitions and after that decays them to reproduce the composition and decay of the phosphor in an analog instrument CRT. The feature results in an intensity-graded or color-graded waveform display.


TypeCommunication Analyzer
Acquisition Rate400,000 waveforms per second maximum
DisplayColor LCD
Input Channels4
CSA7000B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download