Description: Communication Signal Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series CSA7000
Part Number CSA7404

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Tektronix CSA7404 Communication Analyzer

The Tektronix CSA7404 Communication Analyzer incorporates an expansive wavelength optical reaction, clock recuperation, serial pattern triggering, and mask testing with the most astounding execution. Instrument operation is natural and instinctive through direct controls and a graphical interface, while open access to the Windows working framework empowers exceptional customization. This one of a kind mix of execution, simplicity, and connectivity speeds the development of system communication circuit designs. The CSA7404 Communication Analyzer has a hardware-based serial pattern trigger to isolate data patterns. Serial trigger gives an immediate means to investigate pattern subordinated issues, even on a single-shot premise. The blend of serial trigger and signal averaging diminishes arbitrary noise, improving acquisition of low power signals. Clients can indicate patterns with up to 32 bits. The serial trigger framework can be timed from an outer source or inner clock recuperation can be connected, providing single-connection convenience.

The Tektronix CSA7404 also includes an Incorporated Optical Reference Receiver. Compliance testing for optical standards requires an adjusted optical reference receiver reaction. The CSA7404 incorporates an expansive wavelength optical input, empowering the Analyzer to helpfully address an extensive variety of measures. An entire library of optical reference receiver filters guarantees flexibility and takes out the requirement for reconfiguring outer modules or plug-ins. Filters can easily be disabled to give full-data transfer capacity investigation on optical signals.

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TypeCommunication Analyzer
Analog Bandwidth4 GHz
Rise Time100 ps
Input Channels4
CSA7404 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
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Changing the Windows Language Instructions Card Manual.pdf
Fully Buffered DIMM 28FB-DIMM29 Manual.pdf
Optional Applications Installation Manual Manual.pdf
Oscilloscope Analysis and Connectivity Made Easy User Manual Manual.pdf
PCI Express Reference Manual.pdf
RT-Eye Manual.pdf
RT-Eye Online Help Manual.pdf
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