Description: Communications Signal Analyzer with 4 GHz bandwidth

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series CSA7000
Part Number CSA7404B

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Tektronix CSA7404B Communication Analyzer

The Tektronix CSA7404B Communication Analyzer offers an expansive suite of eye-pattern related estimations that are essential for the examination of serial communication signals, including extinction ratio, Q-factor, eye height/width, jitter, and noise. These are supplemented with a wide exhibit of general purpose amplitude, time, and histogram-related estimations.  The reference oscillator in the CSA7404B Communication Analyzer can be phase-locked to an outside 10 MHz source to coordinate framework strength or synchronize various instruments. This phase-locked method likewise empowers the characterization of low recurrence wander and modulation impacts.

The CSA7404B consolidates a high-performance oscilloscope with a PC processor in an independent unit. With open access to the Windows operating environment, inner applications, like WordPad, Paint, and Internet Explorer enable clients to simultaneously keep up lab notes and reference design data while working with the instrument, saving time, and decreasing mistakes. The inherent floppy disk provides a convenient method for transporting results, while the standard system interfaces permit simple record sharing and remote control.

Applied estimation expansions can be introduced to upgrade the CSA7404B Communication Analyzer’s abilities. These product applications expand on the accuracy execution of the CSA7404B to address the requirements for application-particular estimations to rapidly measure gadget and framework execution. Optional applications include:

·         Advanced jitter examination, including Rj/Dj separation and BER analysis

·         Compliance testing for signaling characterized in ITU-T G.703 and ANSI T1.102 communications standards

·         Compliance testing for signaling defined in USB1.0 standards and USB2.0 draft standards

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TypeCommunication Analyzer
Analog Bandwidth4 GHz
Rise Time100 ps
Input Channels4
CSA7404B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download