Description: Communications Signal Analyzer with DC to 70+ GHz bandwidth

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series CSA8000
Part Number CSA8000B

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Tektronix CSA8000B Communications Signal Analyzer

The Tektronix CSA8000B Communication Signal Analyzer incorporates the mask testing of SDH/SONET and Gigabit Ethernet. An extensive, full color display causes the user to segregate waveform points of interest. This model offers the best horizontal time-base stability, trigger jitter, signal sensitivity, and noise execution. The CSA8000B guarantees the most precise acquisition rates that shorten test times. The CSA8000B's multi-processor design, with dedicated per channel digital signal processors (DSP), likewise provides industry-best waveform obtaining rates that abbreviate test times. Also, TekVISA™, a standard software accessory, enables the instrument to be set under the control of software applications (e.g., LabView, LabWindows, Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, C, and so forth) running on the instrument, or on outer PC workstation networks associated with the instrument, without the requirement of a GPIB equipment interface. Plug and play drivers for LabView and different projects are also provided.

This model offers a Wide Bandwidth (DC to 70+ GHz*1 with up to 12.5 GHz Trigger), Automatic ITU/ANSI Mask Testing, Normal, Infinite, Variable Persistence, and Color Graded Display Modes, Intuitive User Interface, Large Color Display (10 in.), MS Windows Operating System, a Modular Architecture, Fast Acquisition Rate, Excellent Signal Fidelity (Jitter <800 fsec RMS - Typical), and FrameScan™ Acquisition Mode.

This gadget is the perfect tool for design assessment and creation tests of Datacom components and comes with applications like Manufacturing/Testing for ITU/ANSI conformance and Designing/Verification of Telecom and Datacom Elements.

If you are interested in this model and you want to learn more about its specifications, options, and features, you can read its manual, which is available on the

TypeCommunications Signal Analyzer
Input Channels8
Display10.4 in. diagonal, color with touchscreen
Record Length20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, or 4000 samples
CSA8000B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download