Description: Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope with 2 input channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series DPO2000
Part Number DPO2012

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Tektronix DPO2012 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope DPO2012 offers a robust arrangement of highlights to speed each phase of debugging a design, from rapidly finding a peculiarity and catching it, to searching the waveform record for the event and analyzing its attributes and the gadget's behavior.

To debug a design issue, first the user should know it exists. Each design specialist invests energy searching for issues in their design, a tedious and difficult assignment without the privilege of the right instruments. The DPO2012 model offers a complete representation of signals, giving quick insight into the genuine operation of the oscilloscope. A waveform capture rate of 5,000 waveforms for every second empowers the user to see glitches and other occasional transients rapidly, uncovering the true nature of gadget flaws. An advanced phosphor display with intensity grading shows the history of a signal’s activity by intensifying regions of the signal that happen more frequently, giving a visual display of exactly how regularly anomalies happen.

Finding a gadget issue is just the initial step. Next, the user should catch the event of interest to distinguish the root cause. The DPO2012 model gives an entire arrangement of triggers, including runt, rationale, pulse width/glitch, setup/hold violation, serial packet, and parallel data to help rapidly discover the event. With a maximum 1 Mpoint record length, the user can catch numerous events of interest, even a huge number of serial packets, in a single acquisition for facilitate examination while keeping up a high resolution to zoom in on fine signal details. 

TypeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Bandwidth100 MHz
Rise Time3.5 ns
Sample Rate1 GS/s
DPO2012 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download