Description: Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series DPO2000B
Part Number DPO2014B

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Tektronix DPO2014B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

Featured with 16 Digital and 4 Analog Channels, 1 GS/s Sample Rate, and 1 M Points Record Length, the DPO2014B is a Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope from Tektronix. This model offers AC, DC, and GND input coupling at 1 MΩ ±2% and 8 bits vertical resolution. The maximum input voltage this model can handle is 300 VRMS with ≤ ±450 V peaks. The DPO2014B can operate with remarkable DC gain accuracy around ±3% (for 10 mV per division to 5 V per divisions and ±4% for 2 mV per division div to 5 mV per division. The Tektronix DPO2014B offers ≥100:1 at ≤100 MHz channel-to-channel isolation between any two channels at equivalent vertical scale.

This model comes with a robust trigger system and can operate in Normal, Single, and Auto trigger modes. With this Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope, the user can execute various trigger types, such as Edge, Runt, Logic, Setup, Hold, Rise/Fall Time, Video, Pulse Width etc. The Tektronix DPO2014B features an expansive 7-inch, wide format LCD display designed to show various waveform styles, including: dots, vectors, variable / infinite persistence, etc.

The DPO2014B is offered with a PC compliant, Windows based program called the OpenChoice® Desktop. With this program, the user can save and transfer settings, screen images, waveforms, and measurements quickly over LAN or USB. Excel and Word toolbars are also provided to automate the transfer of screen images and acquisition data from the instrument into Excel and Word for further analysis or quick reporting.

TypeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Analog Channels4
Bandwidth100 MHz
Rise Time3.5 ns
Sample Rate1 GS/s
Dimensions7.1 (H) x 14.9 (W) x 5.3 (D) in.
Weight7.9 lbs.
DPO2014B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download