Description: Oscilloscope with 4 + 16 channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series MDO4000
Part Number MDO4054-6

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Tektronix MDO4054-6 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

The Tektronix MDO4054-6 is a Mixed Domain Oscilloscope from the MDO4000 Series. This model comes with 16 digital channels and 16 GHz RF Channel. The MDO4054-6 features a 10.4 in bright color display, 2 USB Host Ports (on the front panel), and 2 USB Host Ports (on the rear panel). These USB 2.0 host ports enable users to connect a USB keyboard, a printer, and storage devices for easy and quick data storage. For advanced networking, programming, and communications, the MDO4054-6 features a standard Ethernet port. To export the instrument`s display to an external projector or monitor, there is a standard Video Output Port provided as well.

This MDO is a single solution for RF, digital, and analog signal acquisitions at a remarkable rate. Moreover, it can also be utilized for Phase, Frequency, and Amplitude vs. Time waveforms generated from Radio Frequency (RF) input. The Tektronix MDO4054-6 was the world`s first oscilloscope with an integrated spectrum analyzer. With this model, the user will be able to capture multiple types of time-correlated signals to see both the frequency and time domain in a single view.

While working with an RF channel and any digital or analog channels, the integrated display splits into two separate views. The upper half displays time domain, whereas the lower half displays the RF input`s frequency domain. This Mixed Domain Oscilloscope features a comprehensive triggered acquisition system fully integrated with digital, analog, and RF channels.  The Tektronix MDO4054-6 includes automated measurements: Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power, and Adjacent Channel Power Ratio.

TypeMixed Domain Oscilloscope
Channels4 analog + 16 digital
Bandwidth500 MHz
Dimensions9.0 (H) x 17.3 (W) x 6.1 (D) in.
Weight11.0 lbs.
MDO4054-6 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download