Description: Oscilloscope Module

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series MDO4000C
Part Number MDO4TRIG

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Tektronix Oscilloscope Module MDO4TRIG

The MDO4TRIG is the advanced and high-quality RF module designed by Tektronix. It can be used in conjunction with an oscilloscope to offer advanced measurement capabilities. The MDO4TRIG is an application module that triggers RF testing procedures. It enables various power levels as the source for the spectrum analyzer. It helps the user to perform trigger sequencing, pulse width, timeout, runt, and logic functions. This module enables the user to set parameters for design and analysis signals. The advanced features allow the user to achieve extremely accurate measurements. This RF module is well-suited for design and maintenance requirements.

The MDO4TRIG module helps in RF environments involving time-varying applications. It forms the basis of the triggered acquisition system for accurate RF measurements. The MDO4TRIG integrates with all channels of oscilloscopes, including analog, digital, and spectrum analyzer channels. It shapes out the completely integrated system for data acquisition across all channels. The module permits the user to locate and capture the precise point of measurement in the time domain. The MDO4TRIG incorporates a broad set of triggers in the time domain, such as setup/hold violation, rise/fall time, video, and bus packet triggers. These features enable the user to trigger the pulse of a specific length. The Tektronix MDO4TRIG helps to use channels of a spectrum analyzer as an input. The other signals will remain active while in this mode. The oscilloscope operates only when RF is on.

 The Tektronix MDO4TRIG RF Module has a user manual available for download on the website for further details.