Description: Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series MSO2000
Part Number MSO2012

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Tektronix MSO2012 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The Tektronix MSO2012 Oscilloscope has 2 Input Channels, 100 MHz of Analog Bandwidth (-3dB), 3.5 ns of Calculated Rise Time, 20 MHz of Hardware Bandwidth Limits, 8 bits of Vertical Resolution, 29 automated measurements, and FFT analysis for simplified waveform analysis. Providing up to 200 MHz of data transfer capacity and 1 GS/s of sample rate, the MSO2012 Oscilloscope offers advanced debug highlights in an entry-level value. With more than 20 channels for examining simple and advanced signals, you could quickly discover and diagnose issues in complex designs. To catch long windows of signal activity while keeping fine timing resolution, the MSO2012 offers a profound record length of 1 Mpoints standard for every channel.

This model also includes Wave Inspector® controls for fast waveform navigation and automated serial and parallel bus analysis. The MSO2012 Oscilloscope model from Tektronix is the feature-rich device the user needs to improve and speed debug of complicated designs. To debug a design issue, the user must first be aware that it is a problem. Each design specialist spends time searching for issues in their design, which could result in a complicated and exhausting task if they do not have the right debug tools.  This instrument offers complete visualization of signals, giving quick insight into the real operation of the oscilloscope, thanks to its waveform capture rate of 5000 waveforms per second, which allows the specialist to see glitches and rare transients quickly.

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TypeMixed Signal Oscilloscope
Bandwidth100 MHz
Sample Rate1 GS/s
Record Length1 Mpoints
MSO2012 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download