Description: MSO5054 4-Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series MSO5000
Part Number MSO5054

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Tektronix MSO5054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The Tektronix MSO5054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope has 500 MHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s maximum sample rate, 12.5M record length, 4 analog + 16 digital channels, and a Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard. Many video engineers have stayed faithful to simple oscilloscopes, trusting the power degrees on a simple display are the best way to see certain video waveform points of interest. The MSO5054’s quick waveform capture rate, combined with its power evaluated perspective of the flag, gives indistinguishable data rich show from a simple oscilloscope, however with considerably more detail and every one of the advantages of advanced extensions. Standard highlights, such as IRE and mV graticules, hold off by fields, video extremity, and an Autoset sufficiently shrewd to distinguish video signals, make the MSO5054 the simplest to utilize Oscilloscope available for video applications. In addition, with up to a 500 MHz data transfer capacity, four simple sources of info, and an implicit 75 Ω input end, the MSO5054 gives adequate execution to simple and advanced video use. The MSO5054 video usefulness is additionally reached out with the discretionary DPO3VID video application module. DPO3VID gives the business' most complete suite of HDTV and custom (nonstandard) video.

This model comes with a USB port on the front panel that empowers simple exchange of screen captures, instrument settings, and waveform information to a memory stick. The back panel contains a second USB port and a USB gadget port for controlling the Oscilloscope remotely from a PC or for associating a USB console. The USB gadget port can likewise be utilized to print specifically to a PictBridge®-compatible printer. An incorporated 10/100 Ethernet port empowers simple association with systems and a Video Out port permits the Oscilloscope display to be projected to an outer screen or projector.

TypeMixed Signal Oscilloscope
Analog Channels4
Bandwidth500 MHz
Dimensions9.16 (H) x 17.29 (W) x 8.12 (D) in.
Weight14.9 lb.
MSO5054 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download