Description: Tektronix 1910 Digital Generator with RS-232 Remote Control Port

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series NTSC Digital Test Signal Generators
Part Number TEKTRONIX 1910

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Tektronix 1910 Digital Generator

The test signals produced by the Tektronix 1910 Signal Generator are received from data stored in sets of PROMs, which gives a few focal points. Test signal organize that changes are proficient by supplanting the appropriate test signal memory. No recalibration is required and changing industry test signal models will not cause obsolescence. The other favorable position is the outstanding solidness of the test signals; this strength implies that very little maintenance and recalibration is required.

The Tektronix 1910’s test signals might be genlocked to the oncoming Program Signal or to a Black Burst master generator, thus assuring exact timing and phasing of the output signal. Without burst, the 1910 locks to the main edge of synchronization. Then, a front board light will illuminate upon loss of sync, showing a free-running condition of the instrument's oscillator. In the free-running state, the 1910’s oscillator is controlled by a crystal in a consistent temperature oven.

This Digital Generator has remote-control capabilities for some of its functions. The remote-control abilities might be used by either the REMOTE CONTROL interface or the RS-232 CONTROL interface on the back board. The 1910 is perfect with different instruments that have an RS-232 interface, such as Tektronix 4006 Computer Display Terminal, Tektronix 4010 Computer Display Terminal, Tektronix 4052 Desktop Computer, and Tektronix 1980 ANSWER. In addition, some hand-held computers and personal or home computers might be compatible with the Tektronix 1910 RS-232 CONTROL port.

If you are interested in this model and you want to learn more about its options, specifications, and features, you can check its user manual, which is available on the

TypeNTSC Digital Test Signal Generator and Inserter
External VITS Inputs4
InterfaceRS-232 Remote Control Port
Program Line Input Level1 V ±3 dB (0.7 to 1.4 V) into 75 ohm
Dimensions3.8 (H) x 17.4 (W) x 20.6 (L) in.
Weight25.2 lbs.
1910 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download