Description: PS2510G Programmable DC Power Supply

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series PS2000
Part Number PS2510G

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Tektronix PS2510G DC Power Supply

The PS2510G is a programmable DC Power Supply. The PS2510G is manufactured by Tektronix. This benchtop power supply is used in low-cost systems, which are controlled by the computer. The PS2510G can be programmed through GPIB. The GPIB command set has compatibility with SCPI. The PS2510G is used to supply DC current and voltage. This model can also store current and voltage limits up to 100 memories. These memories can be accessed through the front panel. The stored memories can also be recalled using GPIB.

The PS2510G DC Power Supply is a single output device. This model can supply up to 36 V voltage. The accuracy of the voltage measurements is 0.025% + 25mV. The resolution of the voltage can be programmed up to 10 mV. The programmable current resolution is 1 mA. The PS2510G also features a digital LED. It indicates the output. The current limit of the PS2510G is variable. This model also features protection against overvoltage and overcurrent. This model is additionally equipped with a dual panel meter, which shows the values of current and voltage. The digital resolution is 4-digits. The PS2510G comes with CSA and ETL certificates of safety.

The PS2510G DC Power Supply is ideal for a variety of applications. It is used in design and test applications. The PS2510G can also be used for troubleshooting. This model is used to troubleshoot electronic and electric circuits. The PS2510G is additionally used in research divisions. The PS2510G is suitable for Quality assurance and ATE departments and can also be installed in laboratories of various educational institutes.   

TypeDC Power Supply
Voltage Range0 to 36 V
Current Range0 to 3.5 A
Programmable Voltage Resolution10 mV
Programmable Current Resolution1 mA
PS2510G ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download