Description: PS5004 Precision Power Supply

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series PS2000
Part Number PS5004

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Tektronix PS5004 Precision Power Supply

The PS5004 is a Precision Power Supply. The manufacturer of the PS5004 is Tektronix. This model is a plug-in module, which is compatible with power modules in the TM 5000 Series. The PS5004 is compatible with GPIB and can be programmed using the SCPI command sets. The PS5004 Power Supply follows the IEEE 488 standards. This model supports constant current and constant voltage modes. A digital voltmeter is also provided in the Tektronix PS5004. It is used to monitor the output values of current and voltage. The resolution of this digital voltmeter is 4.5 digits. The front panel is equipped with special terminals, which can sense voltage.

The PS5004 Precision Power Supply can be operated in either the constant current mode or the constant voltage mode. In the constant current mode, the output has a range of 10 mA to 305 mA. The range can be adjusted in 2.5 mA steps. The range in the constant voltage mode is 0 to 20 V. The adjustable steps of the voltage output are 0.5 mV intervals. The accuracy of the step size is 0.5 mV + 0.2 mV.

The PS5004 Power Supply also features a digital meter, which measures the output values and current limit settings. The resolution of the meter is 0.1 mA or 1 mV. The digital meter can read the measurements at a rate of 5 readings per second. The Tektronix PS5004 offers isolation between the output channel and chassis up to 42V. The shunt capacitance between the chassis and the power supply is 0.035 µF. The PS5004 requires 20 minutes of warm-up time. The device needs to be calibrated every year.

TypePower Supply
CompatibilityTM 5000 Series Power Modules
Voltage Range0 V to +20 V
Current Range0 to 300 mA
Dimensions4.96 (H) x 2.63 (W) x 11.68 (L) in.
Weight2.0 lb.
PS5004 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download