Description: PS5010 Programmable Power Supply

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series PS2000
Part Number PS5010

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Tektronix PS5010 Programmable Power Supply

The PS5010 is a fast and rapid Power Supply from Tektronix. It is specifically designed to be used in the TM5000 Series Mainframes. This model has three outputs, which offer a complete solution for many applications. They help provide the common voltage to systems. The Tektronix PS5010 Power Supply is also equipped with three digital displays. They indicate the complete voltage/current limitations. This model is also structured with a GPIB interface. Furthermore, the Power Supply has an auto-crossover feature from voltage limit to current limit. The GPIB interface provides the status of the Tektronix PS5010 with consistency. The GPIB interface can be used to lock the controls of the front panel. It is also used for outputs on/off. 

The Tektronix PS5010 is featured with a dual floating supply and logic supply. The dual logic supply offers 0.75 A current. This model does so while operating in the voltage range of 0 to 32 V. It delivers 1.6 A current when the voltage drops under 15 V. The dual floating supply is configurable with the shared common terminal. The logic supply offers 4.5 V - 5.5 V, while the current is 3 A. This voltage value is with respect to ground. The Tektronix PS5010 also provides 0.5% accuracy.

The Tektronix PS5010 is programmable through the digital interface. This interface is specified by the IEEE standard 488-1978. The Tektronix PS5010 can perform well at the height of 15000 feet. The Tektronix PS5010 Power Supply is used in ATE, research, and design applications.

TypePower Supply
CompatibilityTM 5000 Series Power Modules
Warm-up Time20 minutes
Dimensions4.96 (H) x 5.29 (W) x 11.24 (L) in.
Weight6 lbs.
PS5010 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download