Description: Tektronix RSA3308B Analyzer DC to 8.0 GHz

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series RSA3000B
Part Number RSA3308B

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Tektronix RSA3308B Spectrum Analyzer

The Tektronix RSA3308B Spectrum Analyzer has a spectrum processing engine that brings live examination of transient events to spectrum analyzers. Performing in more than 48,000 frequency transforms for each second, transients as brief as 41 µs are shown in the frequency domain. This is much quicker than traditional examination strategies. Events are color-coded by rate of recurrence onto a bitmapped display, giving unparalleled insight into transient signal conduct.

The Tektronix Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT, Opt. 02) makes it simple to trigger on signals in the frequency domain and catch transient domains in bandwidth up to 15 MHz. A FMT is basically arranged to screen all adjustments in frequency inhabitance inside the capture bandwidth. The Power Trigger, working in any capture bandwidth, fires when the RF input signal crosses a user-set power limit. An outer trigger is accessible for synchronization to test framework events. As the RFID test pioneer, the RSA3308B supports all most recent RFID standards, including ISO 18000-7 and ISO 15693. It gives the perfect RFID test arrangement from standard based RF conformance test to RF troubleshooting in the prototype lab tests. Unlike a conventional VSA's ability of just evaluating the modulation nature of the middle recurrence, the RSA3308B can confirm the entire framework execution by estimating PLL and adjustment quality at any hopped frequencies.

TypeReal-Time Spectrum Analyzer
Acquisition Length1.28 s
Frequency RangeDC to 8 GHz
Dimensions8.5 in. (H) × 16.7 in. (D) × 16.7 in. (W)
Weight44 lb.
RSA3308B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download