Description: Wireless Communication Analyzer with DC to 8 GHz frequency range

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series RSA3000B
Part Number WCA280A

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Tektronix WCA280A Wireless Communication Analyzer

The WCA280A Wireless Communication Analyzer is intended to give the user a chance to center around the job that needs to be done, to troubleshoot their design, and not invest their energy learning test equipment or utilizing outer programming for post processing. This model is intended to give advanced modulation analysis and troubleshooting capabilities in a simple to utilize, one-box arrangement, which enables the user to utilize these advanced troubleshooting apparatuses without becoming a specialist on test equipment.

The Recurrence Mask Trigger feature included in this model has the capacity to trigger off any signal, either known or obscure, in the frequency domain. This guarantees that signals which conventional range analyzers and vector signal analyzers would miss can be caught and analyzed in all areas, giving the user a total perspective of even the most irregular signals. This model also offers a Long Acquisition Memory, which is an extended memory that empowers 10 seconds of 3G or 3.5G signals to be caught, guaranteeing all the important data is accessible to make a total analysis of the signal.  Simultaneous Multi-domain analysis is another important function available, which gives the user a chance to perform synchronous estimations in the frequency, time, code, and modulation domains. This empowers a basic, quick, and complete examination of all complex RF signals without the requirement for multiple and non-concurrent estimations. By expelling the requirement for multiple estimations, the user can make certain that their results correlate between domains, guaranteeing exact comparisons.

TypeWireless Communication Analyzer
Frequency RangeDC to 8 GHz
Acquisition Memory Size64 MB
Dimensions16.7 (W) x 8.5 (H) x 16.7 (D) in.
Weight41.9 lbs.
WCA280A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download