Description: Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series RSA6000
Part Number RSA6114A

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Tektronix RSA6114A Spectrum Analyzer

The RSA6114A is a 9 kHz - 14 GHz Spectrum Analyzer from the RSA6000 Series by Tektronix. This model features innovative triggering capabilities, which are essential for troubleshooting modern RF signals, implemented digitally. It offers measurements for dBm/Hz Marker, Adjacent Channel Power/Leakage Ratio, dBm/Hz Marker, etc. The Tektronix RSA6114A provides 40 MHz Acquisition at 0 dB to -100 dB level range, with an accuracy of ±0.5 dB and ±1.5 dB at ≥ -50 dB, and < -50 dB to -70 dB level respectively.

This Spectrum Analyzer can be operated in several measurement configurations. This model provides Free Run, Single, or Continuous acquisition modes, with trigger position adjustable from 1 to 99% of total acquisition length. The RSA6114A can be coupled with additional options for advanced triggering as well. One example is the RSA6114A coupled with Opt. 200 - a combination that enables the user to achieve runt triggering with positive and negative runt definitions.

The Tektronix RSA6114A Spectrum Analyzer is a processor-controlled instrument with a transparent touchscreen, an XGA resolution flat-panel display, and a front-panel with access to most commonly used features. The display device is a 10.4” active matrix, color LCD. For more convenience, users can also utilize a keyboard, a mouse, or another pointing device to control the unit, since it uses the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. On the rear panel, this instrument has a couple of BNC connectors for reference in and reference out, a standard RJ-45 for networking, and a Proprietary 40-pin, TekLink™ multi-instrument interface connector.

TypeSpectrum Analyzer
Frequency Range9 kHz to 14 GHz
Dimensions11.1 x 18.6 x 20.9 in.
Weight58 lbs. with options
RSA6114A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download