Description: Digital Storage Oscilloscope with 2 channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TBS1000B
Part Number TBS1152B

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Tektronix TBS1152B Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The TBS1152B is a high-performance digital storage oscilloscope from Tektronix with the capability to offer many applications. The TBS1152B comes with the bandwidth of 150 MHz,two channels, a sample rate of 2.0 GS per second on each channel, as well as 3% vertical measurement accuracy. This feature enables accurate measurements and helps the user see the true characteristics of the signals. The TBS1152B comes with valuable sampling technology to access the real-time sampling rate on all channels, along with maintaining sampling performance in case of multi-channels.

The Tektronix TBS1152B digital storage oscilloscope offers helpful tools for troubleshooting purposes. The TBS1152B also comes with a variety of advanced triggers. These triggers help debug the complex circuits. It also offers pulse widths and video trigger setups. There is an option to use rising or falling edges. These features enable the users to isolate the signals of interest. The TBS1152B provides advanced math and measurement capabilities, which allows users to add, subtract, and multiply.

The Tektronix TBS1152B digital storage oscilloscope can offer thirty-four automated measurements. This feature helps calculate important signal characteristics. These characteristics may be frequency, rise time, or overshoot. The TBS1152B comes with built-in dual-channel frequency counters. It has six digit frequency counters, which ensures accurate frequency measurements. These counters have independent control of trigger levels and can gauge two different signal frequencies at the same time. The Tektronix TBS1152B comes with an input sensitivity range of 2 mV to 5 V/div for the vertical system.   

TypeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth150 MHz
Sample Rate2.0 GS/s
TBS1152B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download