Description: Digital Storage Oscilloscope with 2 channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TBS1000B
Part Number TBS1152B-EDU

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Tektronix TBS1152B-EDU Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The TBS1152B-EDU is an efficient digital oscilloscope for educational purposes from Tektronix. This model comes with the frequency bandwidth measurement capability of 200 MHz, two integrated channels for data acquisition at the high sampling rate, and a sampling rate of 2.0 GS per second. The TBS1152B-EDU also incorporates advanced communication interfaces, which includes USB and optional GPIN interfaces. These interfaces enable the user to transfer the data with flexibility and provides various control options for the user. It also helps speed up the measurement procedures with high accuracy and ease.

The TBS1152B-EDU oscilloscope comes with the amazing display system for measurements. It enables the user to interpolate the data. The waveforms can be displayed in the form of dots or vectors. It also allows the user to display the waveforms along the YT or XY axis. The TBS1152B-EDU digital oscilloscope comes with built-in arithmetic options, which permits the user to add, subtract, and multiply the date. This model also implements a Fast Fourier Transform capability. The instrument incorporates an auto set menu. This feature allows the user to automatically setup all channels for a specific mode of operation.

The Tektronix TBS1152B-EDU can operate at the input voltage 100 to 240 volts. The operational frequency range of the instrument is 50 Hz to 60 Hz. The maximum power consumption of the instrument is 30 watts. It also complies to the various specification of regulatory and safety standards.

The TBS1152-EDU digital storage oscilloscope has a detailed user manual available on the apexwaves.com website for more information.

TypeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth150 MHz
Sample Rate2.0 GS/s
TBS1152B-EDU ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download