Description: Digital Oscilloscope with 2 channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TDS1000C
Part Number TDS1002C-EDU

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Tektronix TDS1002C-EDU Digital Oscilloscope

The TDS1002C-EDU incorporates an Education Resource CD loaded up with instruments to enable the users to ace the utilization of an Oscilloscope. The Education Resource CD incorporates two Student Labs and Instructor's Guides and two Primers. The Student Lab and Instructor's Guide clarifies the basics of Oscilloscope tasks with hands-on practices for the students. The Student Lab and Instructor's Guide clarifies the basics of examining and how tests can influence estimation quality. The two Primers included are the most well-known and broadly utilized from Tektronix.

When the user pushes a front-board button, the Oscilloscope shows the relevant menu on the correct side of the screen. The menu demonstrates the choices that are accessible when the user pushes the unlabeled choice catches specifically to one side of the screen. The user can embed a USB drive for information stockpiling or recovery. The Oscilloscope shows a clock image to demonstrate when the blaze drive is dynamic. After a document is spared or recovered, the Oscilloscope evacuates the clock, and shows an insight line to tell the user that the spare or review task is finished. Each time the user pushes the AutoSet button, the Autoset button acquires a steady waveform show. It naturally changes the vertical scale, flat scale, and trigger settings. Autoset likewise shows a few programmed estimations in the graticule region, contingent upon the signal composed. Autorange is a persistent capacity that the user can empower or incapacitate. The capacity alters setup esteems to track a signal when the signal shows huge changes or when the user physically moves the test to an alternate point.

TypeDigital Oscilloscope
Bandwidth60 MHz
Dimensions6.2 (H) x 12.8 (W) x 4.9 (D) in.
Weight4.4 lb.
TDS1002C-EDU ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download