Description: Digital Oscilloscope with 1 GS/s sample rate

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TDS1000C
Part Number TDS1012C-EDU

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Tektronix TDS1012C-EDU Digital Oscilloscope

The Tektronix TDS-1012C-EDU allows the user to change the display of waveforms by altering the scale and position. When the user changes the scale, the waveform display will increment or diminish in measure. When the position is changed, the waveform will climb down, right, or left. The channel pointer (situated on the left of the graticule) recognizes every waveform on the display. The marker focuses to the ground reference level of the waveform record. The Measure Menu can take up to five programmed estimations. When the user takes programmed estimations, the Oscilloscope does all the ascertaining. Since the estimations utilize the waveform record focuses, they are more precise than the graticule or cursor estimations. If the user is trying a bit of gear and needs to gauge the gain of the sound speaker, they will require a sound generator that can infuse a test motion at the intensifier input. It is possible to associate two oscilloscope channels to the speaker information and yield as appeared straightaway. Measure both signal levels and utilize the estimations to figure the gain.

If the user is trying the pulse widths of a signal in a circuit, it is important that the beats all be a certain width. Edge activating demonstrates that the flag is as determined, and the beat width estimation does not shift from the particular.

This model comes with many useful features, such as 16 computerized estimations and FFT investigation for streamlined waveform examination, autoset and signal auto-running, and a test check wizard.

TypeDigital Oscilloscope
Bandwidth100 MHz
Dimensions6.2 (H) x 12.8 (W) x 4.9 (D) in.
Weight4.4 lb.
TDS1012C-EDU ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download