Description: TDS6124C Digital Storage Oscilloscope with 4 input channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TDS6000C
Part Number TDS6124C

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Tektronix TDS6124C Oscilloscope

The Tektronix TDS6124C Digital Storage Oscilloscope provides exceptional execution, alongside a total list of capabilities intended to address design validation, debug, and comply with difficulties for next generation computers, datacom, and communications equipment. A high bandwidth, high sample rate, and deep memory deliver the perfect answer for data acquisition applications. With this model, the user will not have to trade-off bandwidth, record length, and test rate for their serial data estimation and examination needs. The TDS6124C offers acquisition architecture with 40 GS/s of maximum sample rate and 64 Msamples record length on two channels (20 GS/s and 32 Msamples on each of the four channels). They give a definitive mix of bandwidth, test rate, and record length for fast signals.

MyScope control windows are incorporated and enable the user to construct their own control windows with only the controls, highlights, and abilities that they care about and deem important in their activities. With this unit, the user can make their own customized menu of oscilloscope features. Thus, the user will not have to look through menus for highlights or re-figure out how to drive the oscilloscope after a break from the lab. MyScope control windows are effortlessly made in a matter of minutes utilizing a straightforward, visual, intuitive process. Once made, these customized windows are effectively accessed through a dedicated MyScope button and menu selection on the oscilloscope button/menu bar, much the same as other control windows. The user can make an infinite number of custom control windows, empowering every individual who utilizes the oscilloscope, even in a shared environment.

SeriesTDS6000C Series
TypeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth12 GHz
Sample Rate20 GS/s on every channel
TDS6124C ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download