Description: Oscilloscope with 160 ps rise time

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TDS7000
Part Number TDS7254

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Tektronix TDS7254 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

The Tektronix TDS7254 is a Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope. In ET mode, fewer samples are acquired for every acquisition, but additional acquisitions might be acquired in a batch. In this model, samples are divided by Record Length. This approximately demonstrates the number of waveforms in a batch of acquisitions. Batch acquisition minimizes the overhead of displaying and preparing different features, such as estimations and histograms. The higher the number of samples, the greater the acquisition throughput and the potential for less common display updates. The TDS7154 includes an aliasing function, which gradually increases the horizontal scale (time for every division setting). If the shape of the waveform drastically changes or becomes stable at a speedier period base, the waveform might have been presumably aliased. To avoid aliasing, be sure to sample the input signal at a rate more than twice as swift as the highest recurrence component. For example, a signal with recurrence segments of 500 MHz might require sampling at a rate speedier than 1 Gigasamples/second to represent it precisely and to avoid aliasing.

The TDS7254 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope includes many useful features, such as: transition, setup/hold, and pattern functions. Transition can trigger on pulse edge rates that are quicker or slower than the specified ones. Slope might be positive, negative, or both. The setup/hold function can trigger on violations about both setup time and hold time between clock information present on any two input channels. The pattern function can trigger when the pattern appears true or false for specified periods of time.

TypeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Bandwidth2.5 GHz
Rise Time160 ps
Sample Rate20 GS/s maximum
TDS7254 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
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050-3635-00 Instructions Manual.pdf
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Changing the Windows Language Instructions Card Manual.pdf
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Optional Applications Installation Manual Manual.pdf
Oscilloscope Analysis and Connectivity Made Easy User Manual Manual.pdf
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