Description: TLA5202 Logic Analyzer- 64 data and 4 clock channels

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA5000
Part Number TLA5202

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Tektronix TLA5202 Logic Analyzer

The TLA5202 is an advanced Logic Analyzer designed by Tektronix. This 2-channel device offers many advanced and exceptional features. The Tektronix TLA5202 offers high-speed timing resolution and sophisticated triggering. It also features a long record length and fast state acquisition. This model can measure the timing of digital signals. The TLA5202 supports Windows OS and OpenChoice networking. These features make it easy to interface to various network designs. This model can easily detect glitches, crosstalk, and digital logic errors. The TLA5202 also supports various oscilloscope series by Tektronix.

The Tektronix TLA 5202 Logic Analyzer incorporates 64 channels. Four of these channels are clock channels. The timestamp is 51 bits with a resolution of 125 ps. The maximum frequency of the clock is 235 MHz. This model supports synchronous and asynchronous acquisition modes. The operating voltage range is -2.5 V to +5V. However, the TLA5202 can sustain up to +15 V without getting damaged. The TLA5202 can sample data at a maximum rate of 470 Mb/sec. This model also supports channel demultiplexing to other channels.

The Tektronix TLA5202 features 16 trigger states. These triggers are independent. The sequencing rate of the triggers is DC to 500 MHz. Two counters/timers are also provided in the TLA5202 with 51-bit range. The operating system on this model is Microsoft Windows XP Professional. The TLA5202 incorporates an Intel Celeron processor. The CPU frequency of the processor is 2.0 GHz. A dynamic RAM of 512 MB is also available in the TLA5202. A TFT LCD display is provided on the front panel of the TLA5202. It supports a resolution of 1024 x 768. Additionally, the front panel has special function knobs and a mini keyboard.

TypeLogic Analyzer
Maximum State Data Rate470 Mb/s
Dimensions11.2 (H) x 17.5 (W) x 11.35 (D) in.
Weight26 lb.
TLA5202 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download