Description: 102 channels 4 clock, 2 qualifier channels Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA603

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Tektronix TLA603 Logic Analyzer

The Tektronix TLA603 is a 102 Channel portable Logic Analyzer. This model comes with up to 2 Mb depth MagniVu and provides 2 GHz timing resolution to find complex problems quickly. Now, users can pinpoint elusive faults by using the same probe because this logic analyzer supports High-Speed and simultaneous state time analysis. The Tektronix TLA603 comes with Bus and Processor support and is capable of working with a variety of TDS Digital Storage Oscilloscopes by Tektronix for Digital/Analog cross-domain testing and analysis.

The TLA603 supports Setup/Hold and Glitch Triggering - a feature which makes it a perfect solution for the identification of difficult to find elusive hardware troubles. It is famous among digital design engineers for its real-time digital system analysis capabilities. The TLA603 comes with 4 Range Recognizers, 1 Transition Recognizer, and 2 Counters. It also offers several types of trigger actions including trigger module, triggers all, start timer, stop timer, etc.

With the TLA603, the user will be able to share data and setups with other TLA logic analyzers because they share the same application software. Not only that, but the user can also view data on their Windows-based PCs by using the free TLAVu™ - Offline Data Viewer. This model is equipped with a variety of external peripheral interfaces for its communication with other devices. Standard keyboard, mouse ports, and a parallel interface port are also provided for connecting printing/plotting devices. The parallel interface can be used in different modes like Centronics Mode and Microsoft High-Speed Mode.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
State clock rate100 MHz standard, 200 MHz optional
State Data Rate400/200 Mb/s, typical. Requires 200 MHz state option
Minimum clock pulse width2 ns
TLA603 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download