Description: 136 channels 4 clock, 4 qualifier channels Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA604

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Tektronix TLA604 Logic Analyzer

The Tektronix TLA604 is a 136 Channel Logic Analyzer with 4 clock and 4 qualifier channels, ideal for digital hardware debugging, verification, and performance measurement.  The TLA604 delivers 2 GHz timing on all channels and supports 500 ps MagniVu Timing Analysis. This model handles all timing and state channels through the same probe with a timing speed of 500 ps. The TLA604 generates 50-bit timestamps at 500 ps resolution. For data acquisition, it supports different modes including internal, external, and internal 2X modes.

This Logic Analyzer can be controlled remotely- a feature which enables it for advance data analysis employing other hardware and software resources. With the help of Offline Data Viewer (TLAVu), the user can transfer and view the data on their Personal Computers. The Tektronix TLA604 is fully compatible with MS Windows 2000 architecture with network connectivity.

For advanced hardware related troubleshooting the TLA604 comes with Glitch Triggering and a Setup/Hold Triggering feature. This model also stores glitches for further identification and verifications. In its standard configuration, this logic analyzer operates at 100 MHz State Speed, but it can be increased to 200 MHz with the help of Option 4S.

This model offers 16 independent trigger states and supports a variety of event types for triggering including: Word, Channel, Range, Counter Value, and Timer Value. The user can configure it for different types of trigger actions such as, reset timer, stop timer, and trigger module. The Tektronix TLA604 can handle a trigger sequence range of DC to 250 MHz.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
State clock rate100 MHz standard, 200 MHz optional
State Data Rate400/200 Mb/s, typical. Requires 200 MHz state option
Minimum clock pulse width2 ns
TLA604 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download