Description: 68 Channel 4 Clock Ch Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA612

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Tektronix TLA612 Logic Analyzer

Tektronix TLA613 is a 68 Channel Logic Analyzer featured with 100 MHz State Speed and 64 KB memory depth. This logic analyzer has an integrated display and it is designed with simultaneous display capability to display information on an external device at independent resolutions through a Female DB15 SVGA external display port. The TLA612 is a reliable solution for digital hardware design, debugging, and verification. It also can be used for gauging and monitoring the digital hardware performance.

This Logic Analyzer offers 16 Independent Trigger States and various trigger action types like start timer, stop timer, reset counter, set/clear signal, etc. Its trigger sequence rate is 4 ns (DC to 250 MHz) and it comes with 51 Bits Counter/Timer range. The Tektronix TLA612 supports USB, Trigger In, Trigger Out, and Clock out TLA connections. With this model, data is automatically transferred to the TLA after the completion of TDS oscilloscope acquisition and time correlated with the TLA acquisition data.

The TLA612 is equipped with a Parallel Interface Port, which can be configured to operate either in ECP, Centronics, or EPP mode. A minijack and a Stereo minijack are provided for sending audio inputs and receiving outputs respectively. This instrument consumes 400 Watts of power maximum and requires 90-250 VAC at 45-66 Hz.

As a whole, the Tektronix TLA612 offers breakthrough solutions for hardware design and debug team since it comes with an ability to monitor, analyze, and capture real-time digital system operation. This unit can also be controlled remotely utilizing a Windows based personal computer.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
State clock rate100 MHz standard, 200 MHz optional
State Data Rate400/200 Mb/s, typical. Requires 200 MHz state option
Minimum clock pulse width2 ns
TLA612 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download