Description: Tektronix TLA624 Logic Analyzer with 2 GHz timing

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA624

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Tektronix TLA624 Logic Analyzer

The TLA624 is a 136-Channel Logic Analyzer with 100 MHz State, 1 M Depth, and 2 GHz Timing. Similar to its predecessors from the TLA62X family, this model comes with an integrated LCD mounted on the front panel and supports an external display as well. This instrument can operate in a variety of configurations and is considered a low-cost, viable solution for digital hardware state/timing analysis and troubleshooting.

The Tektronix TLA624 is equipped with multiple peripheral interfaces for its seamless collaboration with other devices, data sharing, and remote controlling via a personal computer. These ports include:  RJ-45 LAN Port, Female DB25, Parallel Interface Port, Male DB9 Serial Interface Port, Standard Universal Serial Bus Port (USB), Female DB15 SVGA Connector, and 2 x PC Card Slots (CardBus). 

The TLA624 Logic Analyzer offers Demux Channel Selection. With 8-Channel granularity, channels can be demultiplexed to other channels employing the user interface. While acquiring state data, the model operates at 2 ns Minimum Clock Pulse Width, 5 ns Active Clock Edge Separation, and 100 MHz standard State Clock Rate. However, the state clock rate can be extended to 200 MHz. The TLA624 comes with zero counter/timer latency and can be tested immediately after starting.

The Tektronix TLA624 supports the iView (Integrated View) capability and works with TDS Digital Storage Oscilloscopes by Tektronix for digital/analog cross-domain analysis. It also supports a Universal Source Code for correlating Real-Time Trace with High-Level Language Source.  Its compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional PC platform makes it easy to use and easy to network with design environments.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
State clock rate100 MHz standard, 200 MHz optional
State Data Rate400/200 Mb/s, typical. Requires 200 MHz state option
Minimum clock pulse width2 ns
TLA624 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download