Description: TLA7N1 Logic Analyzer with 512 KB record length

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA7N1

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Tektronix TLA7N1 Logic Analyzer Module

The Tektronix TLA7N1 is a 34-Channel Logic Analyzer Module featured with a 512 Kb Record Length and 125 ps MagniVu™ Acquisition capability simultaneous with 235 MHz State, and 500 ps Timing. When necessary, the user can get this logic analyzer module to achieve up to a 32 Mb record length and up to 450 MHz State.

The TLA7N1 Logic Analyzer Module speeds verification and debugs of complex embedded systems and fast buses with a compelling combination of triggering, acquisition, and analysis capabilities. It can quickly debug fast buses like PCI-X and DDR memory, employing its long record length to capture events intermittently over a wide window of time. The TLA7N1 comes with MagniVu high-speed timing to catch glitches as small as 125 ps simultaneously. For more power, compatible logic analyzer modules can be coupled together as well.

This logic analyzer module, the TLA7N1, offers advanced triggering capabilities, allowing the user to trigger on microprocessor operation failures, which helps in speeding up the troubleshooting of embedded systems. Other features like protocol and source code analysis and listing view make debugging and monitoring operations easier and faster. It comes with a variety of clocking/acquisition modes like Internal, Internal 2X, and External modes.

The TLA7N1 features 16 word and transition recognizers, independent trigger states and if/then clauses per state. It can handle 8 events and actions per if/then clause. With a 2 ns Counter/Time Latency and 500 MHz Counter Rate, this logic analyzer module is a promising one for those who are working in digital hardware design and troubleshooting.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
Mainframe Slots Required2
Dimensions10.3 x 2.4 x 15 in.
Weight6.7 lbs.
TLA7N1 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download