Description: 102 channels, 4 clock, 2 qualifier channels Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA7N3

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Tektronix TLA7N3 Logic Analyzer Module

The Tektronix TLA7N3 is an important Logic Analyzer Module in the series. The TLA7N3 has 235 MHz State, 500 ps timing, and 512 Kb Record Length. For additional coverage, as many as five 102-channels modules can be “merged” to achieve the performance of a 510-channel logic analyzer. The TLA7N3 and any other module from the TLA7NX family can fit any TLA700 or TLA7000 series mainframes.

The TLA7N3 comes with six input connectors; each connector has 34 pins. For indicating various module status reports, four LED indicators are provided. Only four screws are required to lock the module into the mainframe. This logic analyzer module supports the full range of non-intrusive, high-density, and general-purpose probes. This unit can be triggered either externally or internally.

With this model, the user will be able to experience connector less probing, which makes it an ideal option for differential signal applications and minimizes intrusion on circuits. The Tektronix TLA7N3 has a full processor and bus support. For the analysis of synchronous digital circuits, it offers up to 450 MH state acquisition. It can debug high-speed buses like PCI-X and DDR quickly by capturing intermittent events with its long record length.

This logic analyzer module features Glitch triggering and Setup/Hold Violation Triggering. Thus, it can find and display complicated hardware related issues efficiently. Glitch and Setup/Hold Violation Triggering cutting-edge capabilities allow the user to trigger on microprocessor crashes. This model has 16 word and transition recognizers, four range recognizers, and two counters/timers.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
Mainframe Slots Required2
Dimensions10.3 x 2.4 x 15 in.
Weight6.7 lbs.
TLA7N3 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download