Description: 137 channels, 4 clock, 4 qualifier channels Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA600
Part Number TLA7P4

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Tektronix TLA7P4 Logic Analyzer Module

The TLA7P4 is a logic analyzer module from the TLA7Px family by Tektronix. It is a 136-channel model (4 are clock/qualifier and 4 are qualifier channels) with no limit to number of groups or number of channels per group. Thus, it is possible to use all channels in multiple groups. This module can be installed in any TLA700 and TLA7000 mainframe.

 Like other 102 and 136-Channel models, the TLA7P4 can also be merged with other two similar units to achieve a 408-channel module. Merged or combined modules show the same depth as the lesser one of the three standalone modules. Transition, word, glitch, range and hold spans all the three "merged" modules. This unit can generate 50 bits time stamps at 500 ps resolution. It comes as a module and requires two mainframe slots for installation and operation.

The TLA7P4 can complete acquisition/clocking in three modes: state, timing, and simultaneous. On the single channel, it offers 2 ns recognizable glitch width (minimum). This logic analyzer module comes with MagniVu Acquisition technology enabled. Thus, it provides 2048 bits of timing depth per channel. In addition to this, it provides 500 ps Timing Resolution on all channels, employing a single probe. The TLA7P4 offers 16 trigger states (independent), eight Maximum No. of Events per If/then Clause, and eight Maximum No. of Actions per If/then Clause.

The Tektronix TLA7P4 is a powerful logic analyzer and can be used in several demanding applications. This model is an excellent choice to be considered for system validation, optimization, debugging, verification, hardware verification, processor debugging, bus debugging, and embedded software integration.

TypeLogic Analyzer Module
Mainframe Slots Required2
Dimensions10.3 x 2.4 x 15 in.
Weight6.7 lbs.
TLA7P4 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download