Description: Logic Analyzer with 750 W power consumption maximum

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA6000 Series
Part Number TLA6203

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Tektronix TLA6203 Logic Analyzer

Featured with a huge, 15" front-panel diagonal LCD with a backlight, the Tektronix TLA6203 is a 102 Channel Logic Analyzer from TLA6000 Series. This model offers 8 GHz High-speed timing, 235 MHz State, and 2 Mb record length. Out of the 102 channels, 4 channels are utilized as clock and 2 are qualifier channels. However, there is no limit to the number of channels per group or number of groups because all channels can be reassigned to multiple groups. This Logic Analyzer comes with an optimum range of external instrumentation interfaces.

A system trigger input is provided to force a system-wide trigger and to trigger all modules simultaneously. There is a TTL-compatible system trigger output available as well. To drive external circuitry through any module`s trigger mechanism, the user can utilize the external trigger output interface. In addition, the Tektronix TLA6203 features an external signal input interface. This interface can be employed to trigger any or all modules or to provide an external signal to the arm.

 As far as the physical characteristics of this instrument are concerned, it weighs around 17 kg and its dimensions are 295 x 451 x 460 mm. When used with P6800 series probes, the Tektronix TLA6203 operates at 0.5 pF clock/data capacitive loading. On the other hand, with P6800 Series probes, the capacitive loading remains <0.7 pF clock/data. This instrument consumes 750 watts of power and requires 90-250 V AC at 45-66 Hz to operate. In its standard configuration, the Tektronix TLA6203 is offered with free TLA application software, an optical mouse, keyboards, and cables.

SeriesTLA6000 Series
TypeLogic Analyzer
Channels102 channels (4 are clock and 2 are qualifier channels)
Display15 in. LCD
Power Consumption750 W maximum
Time Stamp51 bits at 125 ps resolution (3.25 days duration)
Dimensions11.6 (H) x 17.75 (W) x 18.1 (D) in.
Weight36.7 lbs.
TLA6203 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download