Description: Logic Analyzer Mainframe with 10.4 in. LCD

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA700
Part Number TLA715

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Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer Mainframe

Featured with the capability to hold 2 double-wide or 4 single-wide modules, the Tektronix TLA715 is a modular mainframe for the TLA7PG2 pattern generator and logic analyzer modules. This model accepts TLA7Axx, TLA7Mx, TLA7Lx, TLA7Mx, TLA7Px, and TLA7Qx logic modules. The TLA7XM expansion mainframe and TLA715 Logic Analyzer can be used together as a viable solution in applications where channels and busses in large numbers are required.

This mainframe is built on the Windows OS platform. Thus, it offers a standard, familiar work environment to the users where TLA applications work like other PC applications. The Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer is offered with an internal hard disk and a CD-RW drive as well. For extended desktop viewing, it also supports dual display capability. This mainframe is designed to support up to two TLA7XM mainframes- an arrangement that can bring 26 single/13 dual instrument slots.

The TLA715 features an Intel 815E chipset, Intel Pentium III processor, 512 MB SDRAM, and 4 MB display memory. Moreover, this model has a built-in PC speaker transducer and multimedia sound can be added through a PC card interface. With its simultaneous display function, the user will be able to use an external display in parallel with the integrated front-panel display. This logic analyzer comes with a flexible and strategically designed front panel, which contains special function knobs, a trackball type pointing device, and a mini-QWERTY type keypad. For serial communications with other compatible serial devices, the Tektronix TLA715 has a DB9, Male serial interface port as well.

TypeLogic Analyzer
Module SlotsHolds 4 single-wide or 2 double-wide modules
ProcessorIntel Pentium III
Dimensions9.25 (H) x 17.0 (W) x 17.5 (D) in.
Weight30 lb. 12 oz. without modules
TLA715 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download