Description: Portable Logic Analyzer Mainframe- LCD with backlight

Manufacturer Tektronix Inc
Series TLA700
Part Number TLA720

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Tektronix TLA720 Logic Analyzer Mainframe

The Tektronix TLA720 is a Controller and Logic Analyzer Mainframe. This model features a color display, 128 MB of RAM, 28 GB Hard Drive, and a 266 MHz Intel Pentium processor. The TLA720 comes with bitBLT based graphics technology capable of driving externally connected, color SVGA, VGA, or XGA monitors. The SVGA output port incorporated in this mainframe is EIA RS 343A compliant and has a 15-pin sub-D type SVGA connector. To support serial communications, there is a male D-Sub 9-pin serial port compliant with EIA/TIA 574 provided. The parallel port used in the Tektronix TLA 720 supports various modes: ECC, EPP, and there is a 36-pin density connector.

There are four test SMB connectors provided as well: Ext sig in, system trig in, Ext sig out, and system trig out. Each of these connectors support TTL compatible signals definable by the user in software. Every time the user turns on their mainframe, the benchtop controller proceeds with a power-on BIOS diagnostics. The diagnostic window communicates when any of the tests fail. Two other utilities, TLA 700 Mainframe Diagnostics and the QA+Win32, are also provided to assist users in troubleshooting. For mass storage functions, the benchtop controller comes with a CD ROM drive, replaceable hard drive, and a floppy drive.

Each unit is offered with the latest version of the TLA700 Application Software and Microsoft Windows Operating System. Additionally, the Logic Analyzer TLA 720 comes with four front panel mounted LED indicators: RUN Indicator, SLEEP Indicator, SYSTEM FAIL Indicator, and a TEST Indicator.

TypeLogic Analyzer
ProcessorPentium MMX 266 MHz
Dimensions13.65 (H) x 17.6 (W) x 26.5 (D) in.
Weight48.5 lb. without modules
TLA720 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download